Course Description

During your 2 Day Hands-on Sports Massage Workshop, I  will divide the body into three zones, both posterior and anterior.

Temporary Pain Sports massage course deals first with the core of the body to create body rehabilitation, movement and flow.

Both days will be hands-on workshop, with Q&A throughout.

What you will Learn

In this class, I will share my journey through a decade of working with athletes and entertainers. 

• I will guide the therapists through muscle maps and my zones and how to look at the body in a total perspective when working with sports injuries.
 • You will learn how I’ve helped to heal sports injuries with the knowledge of the muscle patterns. 
• I will share over a decade of personal experience on how to run a successful business, maintain clientele, and the work ethic to keep your clientele. 
• As one of the most requested Sports Massage Therapists from the beginning, my goal is to teach each and every person how to become one as well in any business they work at. 
• As an athlete, I’ve always been drawn to work with and help other athletes to accomplish their goals!
 • You too will leave with a new perspective on Sports Massage and a renewed zest for work in your life goals!

Course Requirements

In preparation for your 2 HR Sports Massage Therapy Course, please make note the following requirements:

  • Please bring a Sheet Set
  • Please bring your own Massage Cream
  • Be prepared to bring your own table
  • Please wear flexible clothing

What you will Receive

Once you have completed this course, you will receive the following:

  • Certificate of Completion for 12 HR Hands-On CE
  • Upon completion I will enter your hours into CE Broker
  •  Transcript available upon request

More about K.J. Anderson and Temporary Pain

Welcome to  Temporary Pain, LLC. by K.J. Anderson

K.J. has achieved the esteemed designation of Board Approved Continuing Education Provider.

This is a key component to further evolving and strengthening the power of quality education for all current and future massage therapists.

Our Mission Statement

To offer the therapists a total body perspective on how to improve function and flow; and to instill awareness of muscle patterns to achieve an excellent sports massage.

K.J. Anderson

All courses are provided by K.J. Anderson who is the individual approved provider.

2024 Available Classes:

July 16th and 17th (Tuesday & Wednesday)

August 23rd and 24th (Friday & Saturday)

September 18th and 19th (Wednesday & Thursday)

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